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US 69 Jacksonville Relief Route

A Texas Department of Transportation Highway Improvement Project

Project Information

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Today, TxDOT is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (an EIS) for the proposed project. An EIS is the most robust study there is for transportation projects. Through analysis and additional public involvement, TxDOT will identify which alignment will move into the final design phase.

Elements of an EIS

  • Purpose and Need
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Archaeological Resources
  • Historic Resources
  • Biological Resources
  • Community Impacts
  • Socioeconomic Impacts
  • Environmental Justice
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Traffic Noise
  • Water Resources
  • Visual and Aesthetics
  • Air Quality
  • Section 4(f)/Section 6(f)
  • Induced Growth
  • Cumulative Impacts
  • Mitigation

Available Documents

Throughout the EIS process, this website will be regularly updated to provide the public the latest available information for their review and comment. Please check out the available documents below. In addition, you are encouraged to view the latest alignment alternative(s) shown in the INTERACTIVE MAP.

Project Schedule

Currently, the project is in the preliminary phase of development. This phase is expected to take three to five years. At the end of this phase, the alignment will be final, the proposed right-of-way limits will be established, and the project will obtain environmental clearance. This status will allow the project to advance to the next phase.

Once funding for construction is available and all previous phases are complete, the project can advance into its final phase. Likely, TxDOT will not receive the necessary funding to construct the project all at once. Instead, the department will look at ways to construct it in phases or various segments. At this time, no construction phase sequencing or prioritization has been identified.

Project Development Process Timeline The Project Development timeline shown is approximate and based on available funding.
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